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Capita plc Financial, Insurance and Business Management Services  
P&Q client: Capita
Q>TAR has been in place for over twenty five years and has been used as our time recording system for monitoring staff attendance, sickness and holidays. The data captured has been instrumental in ensuring there has been sufficient oversight of the company's staff utilisation across its operation.
During this time, there have been minimal issues with the software in terms of reliability and ease of data access. The hardware, as it has aged, has shown an expected level of reliability, with any fix on fail requirements dealt with efficiently under the annual maintenance agreement.
All in all, the use of Q>TAR has continuously satisfied the needs of the company, and the service provided by P & Q International has been very satisfactory.”
(Tim Sill of Capita plc)

Cadbury (Ireland) (Manufacturer of Confectionery products)  
P&Q client: Cadbury Ireland
“We employ approximately 1400 employees between two plants in Ireland. We have been using QTAR since 1987 and operate it in both these plants. Our shift patterns are very variable. The staff at P&Q are always very helpful.”
(Catherine Murphy of Cadbury (Ireland))

Monarch Aircraft Engineering (Aircraft servicing & repairs) 
P&Q client: Monarch Aircraft Engineering
“We installed QTAR in 1991. It revolutionised our whole system of doing the payroll. QTAR is reliable and flexible and P&Q are always ready to help, they respond very fast.”
(Pat Thomas of Monarch Aircraft Engineering Ltd)

Goodyear Dunlop (world's largest tyre manufacturer)    
P&Q client: Goodyear Dunlop
“At the Wolverhampton site, the rules for calculating employees' gross pay are incredibly complicated, depending on a multitude of factors such as the type of work, when they are working compared with their normal shift, the reason for the overtime or shift swap and even how dirty the work is! So QTAR has to be used to calculate the gross pay for each period of work. The supervisors approve and record reasons for overtime, shift swaps and absences during the shift, directly into the system, which has streamlined the process enormously.”
(Audrey Woolvin of Goodyear Dunlop)

Caparo Precision Tubes (Manufacturer of Steel tubing)       
P&Q client: Caparo Precision Tubes
“We first installed QTAR in 1991. We have found QTAR extremely flexible - it can do anything you require of it. Day-to-day operations are simple. It rarely goes wrong or gives us trouble. The Support team is well-informed and comprehensive. P & Q have kept their focus squarely on T & A - they simply have to be good at it.”
(Bob Sharratt of Caparo Tubing)

Crown Cork and Seal (International packaging company)    
P&Q client: Crown Cork and Seal
“We've had QTAR installed for quite a few years, and we find it to be a good program. P&Q are very friendly and helpful. If I have a problem or question they are always ready to assist me.”
(Christine Wathan of Crown Cork and Seal)

Unisys Insurance Services (Administering Life Insurance schemes)    
P&Q client: Unisys Insurance Services
“We have been using QTAR since 1991. We have a flexitime system with complex flexible working time requirements. It is largely self-administered (within the rules configured into the system) by the 1,500 employees. A competing system was installed and then rejected, since it was unable to cope with our requirements.”
(Julie Coldridge of Abbey Life)

TMD Friction (Manufacturer of Brake friction components)    
P&Q client: TMD Friction
“Our shift patterns are complex – 5-day, 7-day, morning, afternoon, nights and rotating, and we also have people on fixed salaries. QTAR handles these fine. When we upgraded QTAR just before Christmas, that went very smoothly.”
(P. A. Rothwell of TMD Friction)

Kraft Suchard (Manufacturer of Chocolate and confectionery) 
P&Q client: Kraft Suchard
“We have a workforce of about 850 and have used QTAR since 1992 to keep track of shift work, contractor hours and salaried personnel for payroll. We also rely on QTAR in our costing processes, to authorise overtime, book employee holidays, report excessive unauthorised absences, etc.”
(Martin Buckle of Kraft Suchard)

LEONI Wiring Systems (Manufacturer of Lucas brand electronic vehicle parts)    
P&Q client: LEONI Wiring Systems
“We originally purchased QTAR in 1990 purely for payroll management, with up to 3000 individuals on the system. We found that using the system was simple, with a lot of standard reports included. But when we realised how QTAR could be expanded, we had extra ones written for reporting things like absenteeism in different ways that suited our requirements better. P&Q staff give good support and are easy to talk to, even if you aren't very familiar with computers.”
(Stella Pepper of LEONI)

British American Tobacco (Tobacco manufacturer)    
P&Q client: British American Tobacco
“The QTAR system has been in our factory since 1986 and has been very stable with few issues. P&Q support has been reliable and efficient. The application has outlived a number of HR system transitions, and migration of interfaces has not been problematic. A number of custom modules have been designed to meet our special needs, including absence and overtime reporting.”
(Hans Commandeur at BAT)

MBM Produce (Foodstuffs)    
P&Q client: MBM Produce
“We have been using the QTAR system about 16 years. It works well. It's hard to make set rules about this kind of factory. Work patterns change often. People work very variable hours. Sometimes they make time up when they need to come in late. I find it easy to go into the system and override it. We upgraded a few years ago, and we found P&Q very helpful. They are happy to talk me through any problems I may come across.”
(Jenny Hawkins of MBM Produce:)

Dunlop Oil & Marine (Manufacturer of Industrial hosing) 
P&Q client: Dunlop Oil & Marine “Dunlop Oil & Marine has been using QTAR since 1984. We have had no trouble with the system in all that time. Because P&Q concentrate on T&A, the system works perfectly.”
(Sue Thomas of Dunlop Oil & Marine)

Some P&Q clients (from UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Africa, etc) 
Some P&Q clients:

QTAR Access Control and Monitoring

QTAR logo

Intelligent access control
wherever you need it

Access control is one of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses. Have confidence in your security by choosing the QTAR Access Control and Monitoring system.

SALTO door handles with electronic locks

Our access control system is sophisticated and comprehensive, allowing you to control, monitor and maintain security across your company. From the latest software to car park barriers, turnstiles, lockers and wireless or traditional door locks; from proximity smart cards and biometric readers to long-distance proximity cards and automatic number plate recognition; from design and installation to support and maintenance; we can help you with every aspect of this vital business process.

Control where you need it

From car park entry to restricted-access rooms, we can tailor a QTAR access control monitoring system that meets your needs exactly. Our systems do more than allow or restrict entry; they record access to all points of your site, track who goes where and log attempted violations. This gives you immediate benefits, which include:

Car park barrier in use

  • Controlling access through doors, lifts, gates, barriers and turnstiles
  • Recording movements across your site
  • Restricting access of vehicles using hand-held swipe cards or proximity cards, long-distance proximity readers or automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Secure lockers installed for your staff
  • Having your identity badges prepared for you, or doing it yourself with badge production equipment installed in your offices
  • Access Control integrated with Time & Attendance
  • Automatic production (on one or more printers in secure locations) of a list of those present on site, triggered by your fire alarm system
  • Installation or retro-fitting of innovative Smart Access Locking Technology® to provide you with sophisticated site-wide access control at low cost using electronic door locks built into the door handles.

You define the system

Operating car-park barrier

A QTAR system is versatile and flexible, so you can define where you need the access control and when. Restrict certain access outside working hours; set access privileges for individuals; ensure unsociable hours access for shifts or cleaning crews; control access to server rooms or secure production areas. Whatever your business needs, we can design, install, maintain and support a complete access control and monitoring system for you.

Working with your existing systems

As an intelligent and adaptable system, QTAR can link to most current products and run with existing readers and badges. This allows you to improve and update your access control without going to unnecessary expense and disruption. We can supply and install a wide range of access control equipment and related equipment, such as:

Access key-pad in use

  • magnetic and electronic door locks
  • internal and external doors
  • full-height and half-height turnstiles
  • sliding and pivoting gates
  • car-park barriers
  • rising bollards
  • security fencing
  • CCTV, including cameras and recording equipment
  • lockers

In short, we can help you to solve all your access control challenges. Call us on 0845 1300 707 (or +44 1920 822 800), or fill in the box on the left (then click "Send"), or email a P&Q Advisor now.

Sliding gate